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Lets Design  Hindi TV SHOWS on Zoom

In the Television era where the reality shows based on music and dance are earning the highest TRP ratings, Zoom Channel, an entertainment channel based on fashion, lifestyle, and glamour had turned up with a reality show - “Let’s Design,” which is way different from the other shows. It is a fashion-based reality show set to entertain the audience who seek knowledge in fashion field. The reality show is an initiative taken to recognize the fashion designing skills of emerging designers and present the talent in an innovative way.

The series is funded by advertising sponsors. CCI (Cotton Council International) is a business partner of Zoom, which sponsored “Let’s Design.” Cotton fabric is used by the designers on the show innovatively. Sachit Bhatia who represents India in CCI, while launching the show stated that they have been promoting the fabric through several ways such as conducting workshops, fashion shows, interactions. Television is a bigger market and fastest medium through which educating the viewers that cotton fabric is not just comfortable but also fashionable would become easier and better. This also helps in encouraging the talent in India.

The reality show welcomes all the fashion designers above 18 years of age. Sixteen Contestants for the show are selected by conducting auditions and various rounds. The selected contestants are featured on the show and compete with each other. The contestants are judged by examining few criteria like creativity, innovation, and completion of the tasks in the prescribed time. “Let’s Design” is an annual reality show. In every episode of the show, the contestants are given a theme, materials are provided and certain time limit is specified. The designs created by the contestants are examined and judged. Each week, the designer with least progress is eliminated.

Finally, one contestant is announced as the winner. Well-established fashion designers set the tasks for contestants and judge their work. The judges panel is occupied by Gayatri Khanna, Rocky S who are one of the most popular designers of Bollywood, and Nisha Jhangiani who is fashion director of VERVE. Apart from these celebrated personalities, few other renowned designers like Kiran Uttam Ghosh, Deepika Govind, and Meera- Muzaffar Ali are also a part of the show. The series was telecasted for three seasons. Season 1 was took place in the capital city, Delhi. The remaining seasons were held in Mumbai. Govind Kumar Singh was the winner of the show in 2011 series. Dhruv Singh stood as winner in 2012 series.