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Krishna And Balram is a comedy adventure show with 26 episodes in total of 22 minutes each. The show was telecasted mainly for children in English and Hindi languages both. The story followed the effect of the relation between Krishna & Balaram with their friends Radha and much more. The whole story showed the action packed performance of the characters. Whereas it also includes humour, some of the action-adventure episodes, it even had some plots of imaginative world and comedy scenes were also there.

The series was based on different adventures scene, and time. Fictional characterization was also there. The centre of the program was on the friendship of Krishna and Balarama and their togetherness. The plot of the story depicts the summer month in the beginning that how Krishna and his beloved friends always visit forest frequently as the warm ray of the sun could not irritate them there because of the presence of trees. Lord Krishna has a flute in his hands. There, everyone play with each other and spend the whole day enjoying. Sometimes they even play, sing and dance.

Pralamba, a character in the story playing the role of devil use to irritate them and never let Krishna and friends play peacefully in the forest. He even tried to kill Krishna by sending Kansa, a snake. He even forcefully wanted to play with them whereas Krishna allows his to be a part of it. The most famous game played between them is kabaddi, which includes two groups and the losing team favoured the winning team. Krishna and Balarama were always in different groups. The losing team had to suffer a lot as they had to carry the winning team members back to their place.

Pralamba always had intentions to kill Krishna or Balarama. The shows cast was created for the detailed purposes. The lead character, Krishna, born in Mathura was taken care by Yashoda in Gokul. He portrays various roles. Balarama plays the elder brother of Krishna in the show. Radha was the beautiful cowherd girl of the village and Krishna's closest girl-friend. Udho and Madho was a playmate of Krishna, whereas Amla and Kamla were Radha’s friends.