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Koffee with Karan Season 4 came to the Indian television screens on December 1, 2013. This season created a huge parade of controversies and glittered in the eyes of the viewers as well. The season finale which brought the season to a close didn’t feature the Koffee Awards like the previous seasons. This season got wrapped with a Best of Koffee with Karan Season 4 as the season finale, and it aired on April 17, in the year 2011. 

This season came up with a revolutionary line-up of Bollywood personalities. People who have always refrained from coming to this particular show, only because of its controversial nature, finally made an appearance. Some changes that took place in the season were that the segment named Koffee Awards was removed, and Koffee Quiz was a new segment that got introduced during the season.

Apart from all the regular segments, that used to comprise this talk show, a new segment was introduced in this season. The name of the segment was Koffee Quiz. It followed the format of a usual quiz with a buzzer but involved hilarious, witty, and controversial questions, which made it a successful entry in the scintillating list of segments in the show.

This season started off on a legendary note with ‘Salman Khan’ being featured as the guest. Due to a heavy ruffle that went on for years between ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ and Salman, nobody could believe that Salman Khan was going to appear on the show. On the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan was not called in this season, which cites a very peculiar doubt as everyone is aware of Shah Rukh and Karan’s bond. Another shocking appearance in the show was of ‘Aamir Khan’ and his wife ‘Kiran Rao’.

Long awaited appearance of ‘Akshay Kumar’ and ‘Emraan Hashmi’ finally happened in this season. Some of the other celebrities’ who made their debut in the show with this season were ‘Anurag Kashyap’, ‘Mahesh Bhatt’, ‘Rohit Shetty’, ‘Salim Khan’, ‘Juhi Chawla’, and many more. Some of the other stars of the new age who came on to the show were ‘Aditya Roy Kapur’, ‘Alia Bhatt’, ‘Arjun Kapoor’, ‘Ayaan Mukherjee’, and many more.

This season witnessed the level of boldness and candidness reach a new peak. The particular episode which featured ‘Freida Pinto’ and ‘Nargis Fakhri’ was shifted to a late night slot because it contained some bold and candid content. Not only this, but it was for the first time that Shah Rukh Khan didn’t appear on the show. Nobody knows the reason why, as Karan clearly refrained from talking on this note.