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Kochira Katsushika- Ku Kameari Koen Mae Hashutsujo which was often shortened as Kochikame is a Japanese comedy show which has been written and publicised by Osamu Akimoto. The plot takes place in the recent time, in and around a neighbourhood police station in the central part of Tokyo, and circulates the mishaps of a middle-aged cop named Kankichi Ryotsu. The manga which is so popular in the whole world was adapted into an anime television series. The story of Kochikame involves Kankichi Ryotsu often called as Ryo-san, was coming up with an idea comprises of making huge profits by designing a new gadget.

Thus achieving great success and calling on Keiichi Nakagawa's help, as all the things were turning the opposite and sour, and hence finally losing it all as the fad turns out of control. While the plans are gag-driven, much of the humour and laughter comes from the combination of commonplace characters with those that are inexplicably out of place, such as the personality of Nakagawa and Ai Asato, who has wealth and appeal respectively. What they have in communal is everyone's lack of actual police work and social responsibilities, and most of it was never elucidated throughout all the episodes.

Thus it had been explained that Ryo- San who is one of the best officers is good at catching the criminals. Nakagawa and Reiko Akimoto also have some special licenses which include of wearing of the personal dress instead of police uniforms to work from police headquarters because of their skills in dialectology and understanding. Thus the plot has been framed on the ongoing times at the situation of the present. It also had five special chapters and was liked a lot by the audience. Thus Kochikame had a very broad audience which ranges from teen boys to middle-aged men.

People used to laugh at the jokes cracked by them and used to enjoy a lot. Thus the story is innocent and decent which made the viewers loved the show and liked it to such an extent. Thus for the creators, it was an homage to the working class people as the story of the series revolved around the same. And therefore it was liked by the middle- class people more. Thus Kochikame was a big hit of its time and loved by a majority of folks all over the world which led to the remake accounts and dubbed versions of the show which were also super- hit across the globe.