Hindi Tv Show Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi

Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Hindi Tv shows on M tv

Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi belongs to the youth genre, and it was the first ever fiction show of MTV India. MTV India telecasted it from Monday to Thursday at 8 pm, starting from 24 October 2004. Balaji Telefilms produced the show. A nation-wide talent hunt was done in July 2004 to select actors for the show in over 107 cities across India. Finally, after the extensive search, MTV and Balaji got their super six- Panchi Bora who played the lead character of Ananya, Karan Singh Grover who played her love interest, Shivalika Sharma as Sam, Barkha Bisht as Udita who is Ananya’s close friend, Mansi Parekh aka Jo, and Rohan Tiwari.

Yash Tonk was also the part of the cast. The show is a story of a small town girl, Ananya, from Kanpur who comes to a large city with big dreams in her eyes. It shows her struggles to face new challenges, make many difficult decisions for getting her life started which gave the show a touch of reality. She faces constant struggles between her family values and her own desires which are mixed with peer pressure. In her journey, she meets new characters which later become her friends and family. Ananya comes to Mumbai with her mother, her sister, and her brother, Ranvir.

They are here for selling their farmhouse, but in between Ananya with the help of her childhood friend Jo gets the job as an RJ. But because of some issues with her boss Arnav, she is fired. Jo with the help of Udita tries to help her and tell that there is only one job which is of assistant but her boss Arnav again shouts at her. Ananya has her own principles so she walks out of the office, telling him what she feels about him. They all attend a party in which Ananya makes fun of herself because of her dressing style. She collides with her boss, Sameera who is a good person and consoles her. Arnav and Ananya always fight but eventually they became good friends. Ananya’s mother has found out a boy for her sister, Nitya, but she refuses as she does not want to get married. Because of some series of events, Ananya gets the traffic update segment. Jo moves in with her boyfriend, Rajat.

Ananya’s mother is told to stay for another six months in Mumbai as in that time the value of their farmhouse will increase because of construction of an expressway. Her mother takes up writing again to keep herself busy and is praised for her style of writing by an editor. Jo comes back in her old flat and comes to know that Udita has new love – Power Yoga, and Arnav- Ananya. The entire gang go to Goa for a workshop, where Arnav and Ananya come closer, and they end up getting into physical relation. Ananya tries her best to tell her mother about Arnav but is again and again unsuccessful and keeps on lying. Kittu, Arnav’s ex-girlfriend came to know about them and decides to take revenge. Ranvir gets his first modelling contract in which he has to model a boxer shorts.

First, he is hesitant, but when later director explains to him that this will be his stepping stone, he agrees. On the birthday party of Arnav, Kittu calls all his ex-girlfriends and exposes Arnav and Ananya’s secret relationship as they both are caught kissing. She then tells everything to her mother but does not reveal about Arnav. While Ananya is in Arnav’s house cooking and cleaning house, Arnav’s sister, Channel, arrives and thinks of her as Arnav’s assistant and takes her for shopping to accompany her. After that, Arnav becomes pissed at Ananya for doing all the work and leaves for a wedding. Meanwhile, Udita blurts out about their real relationship in front of Channel who becomes very angry on Ananya thinking that she lied to her.

Some auditions will be going on in office for a show for which Jo is the Producer, Ananya gives the audition but messes up all when she comes to know that Arnav is going to be paired off in the wedding. She tries to get a chance more by Samit, but he tells her that she should not mix her personal and professional life. Arnav comes back, and everyone starts telling him that Ananya is not the right girl for him. He even hears that they are getting married but he is not ready for any commitment so he finally decides to take a break from Ananya. Udita and Arnav end in sleeping with each other. They decide not to let anyone know, but Sameera and Jo come to know about it. Ananya goes to Arnav’s house and eventually comes to know about everything.

Ananya slaps Arnav when he confronts her and is then ordered by Samit to apologise as he is her boss but she refuses. Samit decides that they cannot work together and sends Arnav to Singapore. Ananya resigns from the job, and wants to return to her hometown, but her mother does not allow. Her mother decides that she will write her autobiography which will motivate all women. Ananya starts working in a bookstore where her mother’s book launch is held. Her new boss, Abhinav starts liking her sister. Ananya goes to an orphanage which is patronised by Samit to give extra books. Arnav tries to know about her through Samit. Samit again sees Ananya at the orphanage. Ananya gets a new show with a trick of Jo and Sam, but she refuses to accept it.

Her mother convinces to take it, but she convinces her both boss to let her do both works. Later it is revealed that Sameera has an illegitimate child who is a part of Samit’s orphanage, he comes to know about it and also that Sameera is worried as the child is up for adoption and decides to adopt the child. Ranvir’s career is taking off, and now he is modelling for underwear for mostly all the top brands. Ananya’s mother gets a legal notice that the publications will not publish her book and Abhinav offers to publish it. Samit tells Sameera that she can come to meet her daughter whenever she wants. Arnav’s secretary keeps on seducing her, but he lets her know about Ananya and also that he loves Ananya. He regrets his mistake. Sameera daily goes to Samit’s house and refuses to tell the reason to anyone so her friends think that they are having an affair. Samit offers Ananya to be a part of a road show. Sameera finally tells her friends about her daughter, Palak and they all accept her.

Ajay still loves Sameera even after knowing that she has a daughter. Ananya and Samit become friends in the course of the roadshow. Samit falls for her, and in the launch party when Ananya is trapped between fire, he saves her and tells about his feelings. The launch of her new show which is named as Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi is held at the office, and she tells about her feelings to Samit but before he can say anything Arnav come there. He tries to talk to Ananya and Udita, but they both ignore him. Samit keeps on ignoring Ananya which in turn keeps on ignoring Arnav. Samit decides to become cupid between Ananya and Arnav. Arnav even manages to convince her mother and friends. Ajay proposes to Sameera, and she is touched.

Samit tells about his feelings for Ananya to Jia, but he cannot do anything as he is already married. Ananya takes Arnav to his 3 ex-girlfriends and says that if they forgive him, then she will forgive him, but only 2 forgives him while one is ready to kill him. Samit tells about his feelings to Ananya in the form of a fan letter; Ananya confronts him, and Arnav comes to know everything. He is heartbroken and pissed at Samit. Samit decides to get a divorce, he files for it and has to go abroad, and he could not say anything to Ananya. Udita is getting married to Vijay, but she runs in between. Ananya and Vijay’s friend, Shonali chases her and later Arnav tells Ananya that Shonali is actually Samit’s wife. She is left again heartbroken.