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Kid Vs Kat Hindi TV SHOWS on DISNEY TV

Kid vs. Kat is the Hindi dubbed version of the Canadian show that initially aired on Ytv Canada. The series is created and co-created by Rob Boutilier and developed and produced at studio B productions It aired in India on Disney Xd until 2017. The story revolves around a 10-year-old boy Coop Burtonburger and a strange stray cat which his sister Millie brings home and named him ‘Mr kat.’ Coop always attempts to warn Millie and fails every time while finding a piece of evidence against this sinister cat. It is later that he finds that the cat is an evil alien mastermind with utmost hate for human beings and unassumingly wicket goal.

This cat is sent from a planet Kat Nebula to take over the earth. But after being adopted by Millie, his focus was changed from taking over the world to getting cat food to the planet Nebula. Mr.Kat also has a strange appearance which resembles the Sphinx Cat. It justifies the audience that he is from another planet, for instance, he doesn’t have pupils or a normal heartbeat. He is considered to be having a body like a machine This animated series is an amusing battle between Coop and a cat which is originally voiced by Erin Mathews as Coop Kathleen burr as Millie. The original release of this show was on October 25, 2008, and it has two seasons.