Hindi Tv Show Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par

Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par Hindi TV SHOWS on Zindagi TV

Khwaabon ki Zamin Par is an original soap opera currently streaming on Zindagi channel, since 3rd October 2016. The show,produced by Anupam Kher, is a love story drama about the life of a Bollywood star on one hand, and the rustic lanes of Lucknow on the other. Due to this, the show is shot in two locations, Mumbai and Lucknow. The story revolves around a boy named Arya who belongs to Lucknow, and a girl named Shikha who is a Bollywood heartthrob.Arya is a 24-year-old boy who goes to Mumbai leaving behind his family, friends and his girlfriend, Niyati. He goes to Mumbai to fulfill his dream of becoming a successful star in Bollywood.

On leaving his home, Arya didn’t leave behind his principles which he practiced in his day to day life. He was already an actor who performed theater before going to Mumbai, however, he was away from the glamorous life of Bollywood. Everything was smooth in his life till before he met Shikha. Meeting Shikha and getting her support meant Arya was getting everything he wanted from Bollywood, however on the other hand, Arya doesn’t notice that he starts to leave his values behind.

Initially the story revolved around Arya and his love Niyati, but later the twist comes with Shikha entering his life. Amongst all this, Anupam Kher makes an appearance in his own show; he is seen taking auditions from all over the country for his upcoming film and notices Arya in a street play in all this hustle and bustle.. He is extremely impressed by Arya’s performance and offers him a role on the spot. This is how the story moes on and is extremely interesting to watch. The role of Arya Kashyap, the protagonist, is played by Ashish Kadian. The female lead role of Niyati Bajpayee is played by Megha Chakroborty, and of Shikha Roy is played by Deeksha Sonalkar. The show revolves around the lives of these three characters.