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Karadi Tales is a Hindi animated television series that aired on Disney Channel. There were about two seasons which totally include about twenty-six episodes. The show premiered in October 2009. The director of Karadi Tales was Soumitra Ranade. The show is from a series of popular audio books that are for children. The company that manufactures these also produces Indian multimedia content and focuses on audio and video in retail, Internet as well as broadcast markets. In the show, Karadi is a bear who is also a storyteller and narrates stories which are things that he has experienced in his lifetime.

‘Karadi’ means bear in the languages Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil. Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah initially acclaimed the voice of Karadi. According to Karadi tales, Karadi is a bear of an unspecified age. He lives in the forests of India, and because he is a storyteller, he loves to narrate. Karadi has a huge range of tales and myths not just from all over the world and not just from India. He can sing well in spite of not being a trained musician. Meera, the monkey and Dhondu, the donkey are Karadi’s good friends. He is such a nice person that everyone in the forest loves him, and even children adore him.

The stories that the show narrates are tales from Indian Classics such as the Jataka and the Panchatantra. Some stories are also from the Indian epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Although the stories are Indian, the morals and ideals they speak of are universal. Karadi Tales includes several series. The Karadi Tales Mythology includes stories about Gods and demons, kings and queens, and also about the past. Award winner and famous film and theatre personality Padmabhushan Girish Karnad is the singer. They use illustrations which are not childish but still appeal to the children very well.

Another series called Under the Banyan focuses on tales from different parts of the country. The initial ones were narrated by Usha Uthup and then taken over by Nandita Das. The show, Karadi Tales has an association with many famous Bollywood celebrities. The channel through this show displayed one of India’s most admired story collections. The show aired at 9.30 am from Monday to Friday. It is one of the most popular animated television shows and gained a lot of attention on account of the content. Storytelling has always been the cornerstone of Disney’s content strategy, and their motive to set up a show like this was to resonate Disney values through Indian stories.