Hindi Tv Show Kamzor Kadi Kaun

Kamzor Kadi Kaun Hindi Tv shows on Star plus

Kamzor Kadi Kaun (KKK) is the Indian version of the super hit Britain game show, The Weakest Link. The show was hosted by Neena Gupta Neena Gupta is a very popular and well-known figur >> Read More... and was aired on Star Plus. Winners will receive a total of 25 Lakhs.

The participants will be asked questions about general knowledge and skill test. The objective of every round was to create consecutive chain of correct answers in order to win money in increasing order. Every wrong answer breaks the chain and will lead to loss of accumulated money till that point. Accumulated money can be stored by saying ‘Bank’ before the question is asked to the contestant. When money gets ‘Bank’, chain sets back to zero.  Money which is not banked gets lost after the completion of round. The round gets completed after targeted amount is accumulated or the time has been completed. Money can be ‘Bank’ from the starting stage. The level to bank money keeps on increasing. 

Elimination can be done by taking votes from each contestant who will decide for the weakest link. The contestant who received the highest votes gets eliminated from the show. Statistical data of every round was shared by the audience but not with contestants. After voting, each contestant will be asked the reason behind their votes. Also, small session of interview was taken on the eliminated contestants. If there is a tie in the elimination, the tie breaker vote is casted by contestant having the best statistic. Every new round has the time reduced from the earlier round to some extent. Each round helps in filtering the contestants, thus leaving the best contestant for the final round. In the final round, contestants play against each other. The contestant giving the maximum correct answers wins the round. If the game gets tie in this round, the contestants will be asked questions until one of them gives a wrong answer. The winner gets the prize amount accumulated in the bank.