Hindi Tv Show Kaash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti

Kaash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti Hindi tv-shows on Zindagi TV

Kaash Mein Teri Beti Na Hoti is a Pakistani Serial and was the first time telecast on Geo Tv. The Soap was also telecast on Zee Zindagi as the show Beti Ka Sauda and was first premiered on 23rd June 2013. The entire length of the serial was consists of 159 episodes while originally it had a total of 210 episodes.

The serial depicts the life story of a destitute family in Pakistan. It shows all kind of hardships they had to face to earn their livelihoods. The father Akbar Ali Bio Coming Soon... >> Read More... Akbar Ali (Shahid Naqvi) sells newspaper and seldom makes anything. The mother Zuleikha ( Salma Zafar Whenever there is a revolution in a certain field, >> Read More... Salma Zafar ) works as a maid for a very wealthy family but regularly gets insulted by her employer.

The two sisters Kushi ( Fatima Effendi Fatima Effendi is a well-known actress and model f >> Read More... Fatima Effendi ) and Bano (Minal Khan) wash mirrors of the cars on the road. And the older brother Umno works in a workshop. They have nothing practically, and sometimes they don't have enough to eat but as every mother and father, they too want their daughter to get married. But due to their miserable condition they cannot afford that. So, they don't persuade their eldest daughter for their desire. But as the turn of events took place they finally get their wish. But it came with a cost. It was not a marriage proposal but a contract for a year. But there were many cruel intentions behind that. As the time passes by Kushi finally came to realize how wrong she has been and about the stark reality of her marriage.

The Soap beautifully brings forth a unique story and a fact that money can easily manipulate people's lives. And how for some people emotions don't matters, for them power is everything. This story shows the real picture of the third world country and the differences between the rich and elites and the poor people. It shows how the people who have power uses the weak for their selfish desire. And once they have been purposeless, elites throw them off from their life without any remorse. Also, it shows that how some people can take some of the most unwise decisions for money.

Rest of the story involves how Kushi struggles and finds her way out of this mess. And rest of the things makes a beautiful tale unfold in front of our eyes.