Hindi Tv Show Just Kids!



Just Kids! (Hindi: बस बच्चे!) is a vivified TV daily serial with animated characters that has been broadcast on Sahara TV. Being hosted by Yash Pathak, a kid performer who has acted in various movies like Tathastu, Gangaajal, Bhoot Unkle, Parwana, etc., this show was a combination of different cartoon series like Simba – The Lion King, Jungle Book, The Story Of Cinderella, Denver - The Last Dinosaur, The Great Book Of Nature, Zorro, Christopher Columbus, Pocahontas and so forth,. The serial started on Sahara TV in Year 2000 and was having a running time of 1 hour every Monday to Friday.

This successful and most favorite show of 90's has been gone off-air now, marking an end to all the episodes bought from Mongo TV. A large portion of these animated shows were Italian-Japanese and converted into Hindi after Sahara TV had taken its possession from the universally famous, Mondo TV, broadcast rights for 260 hours of animated youngsters' program. The titles comprise the celebrated Simba - The Lion King, Christopher Columbus, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Zorro, , and The Great Book Of Nature. Mondo TV has 25,000 hours of TV programming and was the international rivalr of Walt Disney.

Two of these shows were aired each day, where Bhalu Sahab Ki Kahaani (The Great Book of nature) was telecasted in the end of the show and was made out of non-successive stories played by a bear This series highlights different sort of animals, for example, fish, bird, and insects, while illustrating their diverse living spaces - whether water, land or sky. After the episode of the show ends, the viewers were asked if they wanted informative arrangements of question and answers that make the youth audience to learn more about the characteristics and traits of the creatures.

There are 54 distinctive episodes of it of various stories non-related to each other. This second and last part of the show was the more favorite part for the audience. There were extraordinary lessons to be gained from these kid's shows. It was marvelous. Also, 90's generation strongly demands its return to Indian TV, who want to remember their childhood, watching these series once again. The children today would appreciate it as well.