Hindi Tv Show Jet Set Go

Jet Set Go Hindi Tv shows on Star one

"Jet Set Go" was a show that featured anchors as a broadcaster and even as a field reporter. Naturally, the field reporters had to move across Mumbai city and connect to the theme of the show. These four anchors had to behave like working journalist and pass information to common citizen to board a flight before they reach the airport. Raju Srivastav was an anchor who worked at a television studio and connected the field anchors and the audiences.

The role of other four field anchors played by actor Kiran Dubey, Tasneem Shaikh, Aashka Goradia, Gurdip Kohli was developed as they interviewed common citizens in the show. These four field reporters suggested the common public to take flight within a schedule of four hours! Before a common citizen could take a trip by flight reaching airport he had to pack the luggage, carry his passport and even inform his family members that he or she is leaving the Mumbai city.