Hindi Tv Show Jai Hanuman

Jai Hanuman Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Jai Hanuman is an Indian TV series which shows the life and adventures of Lord Hanuman. It is broadcast in the Hindi language and has Sanjay Khan as the Director. The series went on air in 1997 on DD Metro. It was later re-run on Sony TV in 2008. The story is about the well-known and often repeated adventures of Lord Hanuman. It takes place in the Tretayug, where Lord Vishnu has successfully defeated the demons. His actions, however, have given rise to two opposing positive and negative energies.

Through the negative force generated, we see the birth of the demon king Ravana. He plunges the entire universe into a time of fear and terror. It becomes essential to witness the rise of a God to finish the terror spread by Ravana. This rise of evil led to the birth of Shri Rama and Hanuman, two of the mightiest Gods witnessed by man. With the passage of time, the two Gods meet each other and become very close friends with each other. Hanuman chooses to live a life of celibacy.

He is a very brave warrior as well as a dedicated friend to Shri Rama. A human being with golden ideals and a fearsome warrior, Shri Rama’s affection for Hanuman is without any limits. He depends on Hanuman for everything and trusts him explicitly come what may. As time progresses, we witness the various events which were described in the Saint Valmiki's version of the Ramayan taking place. The war of Lanka takes place. During this, the skills of both human beings and that of the monkeys leads to the defeat of the demon warriors including the powerful and mighty Kumbhakarna, Meghnad, and Ravan.

Ultimately Shri Rama returns home to Ayodhya, ushering in Ramarajya in the process. With the passage of time, the friendship of Shri Rama and Hanuman also keeps growing. After various dramatic events taking place, Shri Rama ascends to the heavens. He leaves Hanuman behind to stay and serve man. With the further passage of time, the Dwaparyug arrives. We witness Shri Rama getting reincarnated as Lord Krishna to protect Dharma. He forms an alliance with the five Pandavas against the hundred Kauravas, their cousins.

Arjuna becomes a follower and close friend of Lord Krishna. Hanuman comes to realize that Shri Rama and Shri Krishna are one and the same. He joins them in the battle of Kurukshetra and the events of Mahabharata unfold.