Hindi Tv Show Ishq Unplugged

Ishq Unplugged Hindi TV SHOWS on Channel V

It is a show broadcast on V channel and produced by Panaroma Entertainment of Suzanaa Ghai. Channel V is India's only youth based TV channel and Ishq Unplugged is also a youth based show. It is a fictional and singing reality show but has a little non-fiction elements in the show.

This show is based on a love story in background of singing reality show. It is a love story of 2 contestants "Mandy and Antara "of singing reality show " India's star duo" who participates in the contest and fall in love with each other during the contest and the romance started between two completely opposite person who wants to win the show for their own reasons.

The starcast of the show includes Mohit Gaur and Shruti Prakash. Mohit is a winner of the Star Plus Reality Show named “India’s Raw Star” while Shruti was a semifinalist of Closeup Websinger. They both are really very good singers in real life. Other actors like Geet Sharma and Vartika Chauhan also work in the show. It is a very unique show; a show that has been created with a love story in background of singing reality show.

Mandy and Antara are completely opposite to each other. Mandy plays a character of middle class boy who belongs to Delhi. He wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a famous singer, but his family doesn't support him. He wants to win the show by hook or crook . He made all his efforts to win the show even though he stole Antara's song. On the other hand, Antara is a daughter of rich famous singer and her mother wants that Antara should also become singer instead of creating her own identity. Antara has a beautiful voice and she is a very good singer. Mandy and Antara meet at the contest and then their fate brings them together.

It is first time that someone making a show like this in which a potent combination of music, and romance is shown on screen.

Channels V decided upon a far-reaching marketing strategy to promote this . They plan a promotional event in multiple platform and this show is also available on Hotstar.

Channel V organised a 'Live karaoke Session' to know the viewers’ experience and views about the show in a famous coffee shop in Versova, Mumbai which was held in different coffee shops of Mumbai. The lead actors also join them for this session and the participants win some prizes and they had lot of fun with stars.

Shruti Prakash had expressed that the karaoke session was a memorable experience indeed and the show attempts to exhibit great singing laced with an exciting plot.Mohit Gaur said that the show had a blend of singing and superb plot that will reach the audience.