Hindi Tv Show Indias Most Wanted

Indias Most Wanted Hindi tv-shows on ZEE TV

India has been growing and setting examples in the field of science and technology every day. But with the rapid development of science and its application, crime in the nation has had a steep rise in the last decade. The criminal masterminds and their behavior are becoming abnormal day by day, and it is becoming difficult to the police in creating a healthy and safe society. With a motive of exposing criminals on national television, Suhaib Illyasi, the head of All India Imams Organization and his wife Anju came up with the idea of the biggest and most successful crime show on the Indian television- India’s Most Wanted which aired on Zee TV in 1998. While late night shows on the television became more centric on crime scenes involving scandals, rape, murder and robbery, Zee TV telecasted the most famous crime-busting television show.

The show included dramatic representation of the crime scene hosted by the dynamic Anchor, Director-Producer Suhaib Illyasi. The program created by Aaliya Productions aired two successful seasons with a total of 65 episodes and each episode being approximately 52 minutes long. The show helped the Police in catching 135 fugitives with the aid of unique techniques including live telecasts (30 of which featured in the show). Even Shri Prakash Shukla, a wanted, and dangerous hitman appeared in the program was lately killed by the police. Illyasi started India's Most Wanted in March 1998 with Zee TV network, and later he moved the show to DD1 with the name Fugitive Most Wanted. Zee TV still holding the copyright for the show continued telecasting the program with Manoj Raghuvanshi as the new host.

The show’s TRP which was static at 10-12 for a very long time, lost its charm due to the controversies that surrounded Suhaib Illyasi due to the suspicious death of his wife on 10 December 2000. Illyasi claimed that the Underworld gave him death threats due to the show. However, he still continued with a show with the same concept on India TV and called it India TV's Most Wanted. Illyasi considers his work to be of a madman, but he respected his passion with utmost sincerity. He calls it "deewangi." He believes that we have one life and we should devote it in service of our motherland. And as he always says "Remember, together all of us can, and all of us will make a difference."