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Many singing and dancing talent hunt shows are prevalent on the small screen. But there are very few programs which are related to physical strength. India's Asli Champion is an endeavor to test the physical as well as the mental robustness of the people in the country. Its promo featured Suniel Shetty, one of Bollywood's fittest actors, performing some daredevil stunts while also emphasizing on the fact of how when one's body gives up we need to channelize our mind's power to overcome the hurdle. Furthermore, he is the presenter of the show.

Besides hosting, he would also encourage the performers to give their best. After a nationwide audition, the makers select twelve contestants, of which six were boys, and the other six were girls. They all came from different professions. Some of them were swimmers, sports enthusiasts, body builders, martial artists, and so on. The names of the selected players were Swati Chauhan, Supa Parveen, Lalita Kolapkar, Urmimala Boruah, Aishwarya Salagare, Gurleen Kaur, Niraj Rao, Sumit Kurhade, Chinmay Mhatre, Arjun Khurana, Sanjay Negi, and Sunil Menon. All of these twelve participants had to perform some high-octane tasks which were physically as well as mentally challenging. The one who would win the assignment would stay in the competition while the worst performer would bid goodbye to the serial.

Of all the twelve competitors, Swati, Parveen, Rao, Swati, Abhishek, and Sanjay were able to survive all the hurdles and cement their place in the finals. The show's finale, which the viewers were able to see on July 9, 2017, was also very entertaining and intriguing. Suniel Shetty danced to some of his past hit songs like Jhanjariya and Haye hukku haye hukku haaye haaye. The final task was the triathlon, which consisted of three stages: cycling, swimming and running. Rao and Parveen outperformed the rest of the finalists and emerged victoriously.

The makers awarded each of them an amount of twelve lakh and fifty thousand apart from a trophy. Denver, which was one of the associative partners, awarded them fifty thousand rupees more. All the six competitors in the finals also won a mobile phone each. This show marked the debut of actor Suniel Shetty as a host on the TV. &TV Channel was the official broadcaster of the show. The series consisted of twenty episodes. It telecasted the first episode on May 6, 2017. It was a weekly program and &TV broadcasted it on every Saturday and Sunday at nine in the night.