Hindi Tv Show Ijaazat

Ijaazat Hindi tv-shows on Zindagi TV

Ijaazat is a Drama TV show telecast in India on Zindagi TV from 20th January,2015 . The show was originally a Pakistani show which was telecast there on HUM TV and was called Ishq Junoon Deewangi and was televised from May 15, 2009 to October 16, 2009. Zindagi TV channel is an Indian TV channel, it is known for televising shows from other countries like Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey.

The channel is owned by ZEE Entertainment Enterprises. The channel also only televises short-run programming. All Pakistani shows were pulled off air from the channel in response to 2016 Uri Terror attacks in India.

The show revolves around love and pain. Its main lead pair is Sahil Sher and Seep. The two are happily married. Sahil is a Director while Seep is a writer who one day writes a premier script and creates a protagonist, a woman who is perfect for her husband and names her Diya but she does not realize what a huge mistake she has created for her marriage because Sahil gets fully engrossed with finding this perfect women. He after searching for long and everywhere finds the women who perfectly fits the characters of Diya. Pares Usmani is the girl who perfectly fits the character of Diya and is cast in Sahil’s movie and her husband Zain Khan is cast as the male lead in the film. Sahil falls in love with Pares and decides to leave Seep and settle down with Pares. Seep is heartbroken and goes to Sahil’s best friend Behram for comfort and she ends up falling in love with him and marries him. Pares on the other hand after marrying Sahil discover that he is terminally ill and will die soon. Sahil in his last days express his desire to meet Seep. When she finds this out, she leaves Behram and comes back to meet Sahil.

The story revolves around their lives. The main characters of the story Sahil Sher is played by Humayun Saeed who is an artist and producer who has been in Entertainment Business for the past 20 years, Seep by Deepti Gupta, Pares Usmani by Humaina Malik who is a Pakistani-born actor who has done Pakistani as well as Bollywood films , Behram Omar by Ismail Bashey, Zain Khan by Adnan Siddiqui, who has acted in many Lollywood and Hollywood movies and will be making his Bollywood debut next year. The show was known for its Drama and had a gripping story line which held the audience to glued to their TV sets while it was televised.