Hindi Tv Show Humsafar

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Humsafar is a Pakistani Drama series. It is directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat. There was a novel also written in this name and this story is based on that novel. It was telecast by Hum Tv and was premiered on 24th September 2011. The story shows the life of the two people Khirad Ehsan(Mahira Khan) and Ashar(Fawad Afzal Khan)who had been forced into an arranged marriage.

Kharid lives in Hyderabad with her mother Maimoona who is bed-ridden. Kharid’s uncle, Baseerat Husain is wealthy and lives in Karachi with his wife Fareeda and son Ashar. He gets sad when he came to know about the condition of his sister. On the other hand, Maimoona was worried about her only daughter Kharid’s future. So, she expresses her concern to her brother.

Her brother was guilty that he was not able to take care of his sister, and now she was dying. So he promised that Ashar would marry Kharid. But Fareeda did not like his decision at all. She wanted Asher to marry her cousin's daughter Sara. So she tried her best to break off this arrangement. However, her attempts were proven futile because they get married against all the odds. And after the marriage, Maimoona passes away.

Kharid and Ashar were uncomfortable in this arrangement but Ashar ensures her that he will try his best to work out this relationship. Sara got depressed and devasted because of this and sought to commit suicide. As the time passes by Ashar and Kharid came close and loved blossoms between them as Ashar cannot help but admire her beauty, innocence, and pure heart. Also, on the other hand, Kharid was in awe of her husband’s caring nature.

Ashar was trying to make their bonds strong, but he also remains friends with Sara. However, when Sara humiliates Kharid, Ashar comes to her rescue, and that creates adrift in their relationship. Later Ashar’s dad passes, but he made him promise that he will take care of Kharid. But later due to turn of events and Fareeda’s manipulative ways the duo had been separated from each other.

Four year later Kharid returned to Karachi with her and Ashar’s daughter. After few uneventful episodes Ashar finally comes to term with reality and came to know about the truth from four years ago and beg for forgiveness of his wife. At last, they became the happy family they always dreamed of with their little daughter.