Hindi Tv Show Hum Dono

Hum Dono Hindi Tv shows on Sahara one

Hum Dono is a Hindi television show in which the song countdown goes on. This show telecasted in the year 2000 on the channel Sahara One. In this show, the story of the two people had been lightening up. Rahul and Anjali participated in a contest and won the world tour together in a gift voucher, but they did not know each other. During their trip, they used to spend a lot of time together due to which they come to know about each other. Rahul is a vigorous guy, while Anjali is a quiet person. But slowly, they build up a bond of friendship because of the humorous situation. Later, Rahul starts loving Anjali, but Anjali did not accept that she loves Rahul. Afterwards, Rahul tries to crack jokes at her, and between the pranks, Anjali commence that she is in love with Rahul, and together, they enjoyed and completed their tour. Piyush is at an international trip; between the tours, she meets Vikram and both of them become friends. Together they travel Rome, Switzerland, and Paris.

During the journey Piyasha told Vikram that she had run away from her home and her real name is Amita; Vikram accepts this and says that it doesn't change her what she is. After this, Piyasha finds out that Vikram's real name is Ajay Sood, he was hired by her father as a detective to observe her. But slowly he started having feelings for her and hadn’t told her. After some humorous and funny situations, Vikram wins her heart, and together, they enjoy their tour. R. Madhavan plays the role of Rahul. He is an enthusiastic person. Trupti Toradmal plays the role of Anjali.She is a peaceful person. Vishal Singh plays the role of Vikram/Ajay. He was a detective sent by the father of Amita. Malini Sharma plays the role of Piyasha/Amita. She went on an international trip after running from her home.

Another Version of the Serial...

Hum Dono is a story that revolves around the lives of four people, Rahul and Anjali, and Vikram/Ajay and Piyasha/Amita.

Rahul ('R Madhavan') and Anjali (Trupti Todarmal) are strangers but have won a world tour together. During their tour in Australia, Singapore and London, they get to know each other. Rahul is a jovial guy while Anjali is reserved. As the tour progresses, they spend time together and Rahul falls for Anjali, although she is still in denial about her feelings for him.

Piyasha/Amita (Malini Sharma) meets Vikram/Ajay Sood (Vishal Singh) on a world tour where they get to know each other and become friends. As time passes, Piyasha tells Vikram that her real name is Amita and she had eloped from home. She later finds out that Vikram’s real name is Ajay Sood and he had been sent by her father to keep an eye on her. On finding out this, Amita gets furious but Ajay asserts her that he started liking her even before he knew her.


• R. Madhavan:He plays the role of Rahul. In the series, he has been depicted as a jolly and a free-spirited person.R. Madhavan is an actor, director, writer, film producer and TV host. He is known for his versatile skills and remarkable roles in both Hindi and Tamil movies, Inferno (1997), Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein (2001), Anbe Sivam (2003), Rang De Basanti (2006), Evano Oruvam (2007), 3 idiots (2009), Vettai (2012) and Jodi Breakers (2012), to name a few.

• Trupti Todarmal: This actress had a short stint in the film and television industry. She appeared in The Water in Slow Motion (1995).

• Vishal Singh:He played the role of Vikram/Ajay Sood.Vishal Singh is well known for his work in Hindi television such as Dekh Bhai dekh, Kasamh Se, Parvarish, Kuch is Tara, Saath Nibhana Saathiya and so on.

• Malini Sharma: She played the role of Piyasha/Amita.Malini Sharma is a model and actress known for her appearance in the movie Raaz for which she won the Zee Cine Award for Best Female Debut.