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The Hornbill festival is also known as the “Festival of Festivals”. Every year the people of Naga land celebrate it on the first week of December. The North-East state of Nagaland has many tribes living within it and each of these tribes have their distinct festivals and celebrations. In Nagaland, more than sixty percent of the population have their livelihoods depending on agriculture and hence it is safe to assume that most of their festivals revolve around their farmlands and agriculture.

These festivals are considered to be sacred and are of immense importance, so it is essential for everyone to be a part of it. The Hornbill festival was introduced by the Government of Nagaland during the first week of December, in the year 2000. It was started with a mission of encouraging inter tribal relationships and promote tourism in the state. It usually takes place under one roof in Kohima and is organized by the State Tourism and Art & Culture Departments.

For visitors, it's an opportunity to experience the culture of Nagaland and be a part of it. They get to see various traditional dances and taste the food, which is found nowhere else. The festival includes, Herbal medicine stalls, Fashion shows, Exhibition and sales of traditional arts and crafts, Beauty contests, Traditional archery, Musical concerts, indigenous games, Flower shows and sales and etc. The art show includes, sculptures, statutes, paintings depicting the mythological heroes and much more.

It's a colourful mixture of games, performances, food fairs, religious ceremonies, parades, performances and mixture of dances. In the evening, there's a musical performance by the locals, which ensures that the night stays young and cheerful. There is also a Hornbill International Festival, which is held at the Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... . It is a rock show and various bands, small or big, get to perform there. You can always watch the program live on various channels like DD National or NDTV Good Times. Over the year, the popularity of the show has reached the skies and has gained international recognition.