Hindi Tv Show Holi Hai Life Ok Hai 3

Holi Hai Life Ok Hai 3 Hindi TV SHOWS on LIFE OK

Holi Hai Life Ok Hai is a special TV program broadcasted on Life Ok, celebrating the festival of colours, Holi. It has been now running for three years. You get to see TV and movie stars showcasing their talent in front of the word. Stars like Arjun Kapoor Arjun Kapoor is a Bollywood star. He was born on 2 >> Read More... , Eli Avram and many others come together to produce the perfect show. The show began with Devar, from Pooranpoli Mohele, having an unique disease, Holititus B. This imaginary disease can only go away when a beautiful NRI lady comes and applies colour on Devar. Everybody is worried about Devar, and to check on him, everyone from the locality visits the party, and it doesn't stop here, the Kapoor and sons cast, which included Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt is a trendsetting actress from Mumbai, >> Read More... , Siddharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan make a special appearance on the show.

The show began with the doctor examining Devar and informing his mother about her son’s disease. The second brother tries to console his mother and explains that he can only be cured with Bhabhi’ rang. The on stage show began with Devar dancing on a series of songs dedicated to his Bhabhi. Prem is determined to find his Bhabhi, and hence he organised an holi event, Bhabhi Ke Rang Devar Ke Sang, in which all the actors of all shows of Life Ok and Star Plus are welcome. Bhabhi arrives in a white sedan and Prem is supposedly able to smell her.

When she meets him, she leaves an imprint of her palm on his face and tells him to be careful next time. Prem is overconfident and challenges Bhabhi, which she is going to be the one who will come running to him and will want to apply colour on his face. Later it is revealed, Munto had called Bhabhi and created a misunderstanding between the two because Bhabhi acted the way she acted. Alia Bhatt comes to the party in a rickshaw. On her arrival, she sees Prem and tries to cheer him up. Prem complains about how Bhabhi is angry at him and doesn't want to play holi.

Alia Bhatt asks whether he liked Kapoor and Sons, and she too starts complaining about why the Kapoor brothers weren't coming to the party. She acts drunk and calls them, which convinces them to come to the party. The lead cast of various shows on Life Ok, perform on stage while Prem tries to woo his Bhabhi towards him. There is laughter, drama and tragedy, which is great to watch with the family. The show has a runtime of 104 minutes.