Hindi Tv Show Hi 5

Hi 5 Hindi tv-shows on Pogo

Hi-5 is an animated series that has songs, dance and even some funny situations. The series is exclusively meant for kids viewing, who are in age group of two and six. The central theme was chosen to keep reader’s interests in education and learning procedure.

Hence, the storyline was just a mix of an imagination of some themes related to children’s imagination and their adventure. What would a kid do in the age group of two-six and enjoy was what the animated series has told us? Kids love to be friendly with them; they love to enjoy in an imaginary world and expert in learning musical, verbal and visual matters very easily.

The plot sketched around a home Hi-6 House where kids character took shape in animated form and was seen learning, playing, mixing with friends. Some of the artist who played pivotal roles in the series is Lauren Brant, Stevie Nicholson, Dayen Zheng, Ainsley Melham, Mary Lascaris.