Hindi Tv Show Haunted Weekends

Haunted Weekends Hindi tv-shows on M TV

Haunted Weekends is an Indian television series brought and launched by MTV. MTV is the most famous youth-based television channel in India. They have always tried to bring out innovative concepts in the form of television shows. Previously the channel came out with a series called MTV Girls Night Out, which was exactly a predecessor of this show. Both of them were focused on the element of horror. The launch of the show took place at 09:00 p.m., on 8 March. The show is sponsored by Manforce Condoms. The show was telecasted on every Fridays and Saturdays, at the same time as its pilot.

The show is a scintillating horror based reality series, which was a promotional association between the Channel and the movie Ragini MMS 2. The actress of the movie Sunny Leone was a part of this show. The full name of the show was actually Haunted Weekends with Sunny Leone. She was the host and brought out highlighting elements of the show that were in tone with her movie. The previous show’s host was VJ Rannvijay. This time, the show was setup to appear twice a week. And in each episode, three different girls were sent to a popular haunted location at the night time.

All these three girls had to endure and survive the paranormal experiences that took place during their haunted escapade. It was Sunny Leone’s first time hosting a reality show on Indian television. As her upcoming movie was just around the corner, it made sense for both the channel and the movie’s promotional team to put Sunny as the host of the show. The show began with pinpointing several haunted houses or locations. Then three girls were given a set of instructions and tasks which they are supposed to complete. The twist in the tale is that they have to perform the tasks at the night time in one of these haunted locations.

They are provided with night vision equipment as there aren’t any lights in these places, and along with that, they are also given a night recording camera, which entails their entire journey and experiences inside the haunted location. The fact that they are set on a trail in a haunted location totally alone adds to the horror of the show. The show has been a part of campaigning the digital platform of MTV India, and the so viewers were asked to watch the live journey of these girls in detail on the web.