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Oraa Guzura Dado which is a comedy genre cartoon series have been commonly called as Guzura is a 52-episode entertainment series. It is an animated series which has been directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa and has been produced by Tatsunoko Pro. The show aired between 7 October 1967 and 25 September 1968 on Fuji TV. The anime of the series have been remade into a 44-episode series which was also directed by Sasagawa. The remade show was aired between 12 October 1987 and 30 September 1988 on Tokyo TV. The story revolves around the eruption of a mountain.

One day Mt. Bikkura has erupted which blows up a huge egg, which hatches into a funny little monster whose name was Guzura. Of course, the main lead in the human world is surprised and puzzled as in whatever he hears, and sees is so bizarre and delightful and strange for him that he gets involved in odd affairs one after another. On the contrary, the people around him have always been drawn into one of the other trouble which lands up into their life. He has a magical ability to eat everything which was made of metal and use to produce other things which are made up of metal only i.e. all the mechanical devices made up of metal. He could also blow out flames from his mouth and jump very high using his very powerful tail.

And thus he is so friendly and innocent that he makes friends where ever he goes and thus becomes famous among the folks and becomes the talk of the town. Thus his innocence and honesty makes him a popular figure among the people in the city and also outside the town. Toru Ohira played the character of Guzura. This show was well-known and was also liked by children and their parents also as it does not use to show anything which wrong for small children. The character of Papa had been played by Kei Tomiyama, Bonta by Mie Azuma, Mama by Shigeru Asou, and Tin by Yoshiko Matsuo as among the other characters.

Thus the series was a big hit of its times and was enjoyed by the children a lot. The show had a decent and nice story and did not teach anything wrong to the kids and hence was also liked by their parents a lot in the whole world.