Hindi Tv Show Guns And Roses

Guns And Roses Hindi TV SHOWS on STAR ONE



The concept of Show "Guns and Roses" was also the same. Star One featured the Show. Star One was launched on 1 November 2004 and was later replaced by Life Ok. It was part of Star TV Network and was owned by News Corporation. It is an Indian Channel, and its headquarters are in Mumbai. It broadcasted Shows in many countries like Australia, Hong-kong, India, Pakistan and many others.

The other sister channels of STAR TV Network are STAR Ananda, STAR Plus, STAR News, STAR Utsav. Guns and Roses was a story of two lovers brought together because of their destiny. It was a weekly Show featured at 10 PM. The story revolved around the life of Divya and Rohan. The way they met each other and came closer. Two people unknown to the fact that they are each other's biggest enemy fall in love with each other.

How the mysteries in the mind of Divyaunrevealed with time is the plot of the story. Divya had a happily married life. Her husband Kunal was a dream come true for her and soon they were going to have a little angel enlighting their life. But the destiny had other plans for her. Mafia Don Parshuram Bardez murdered Kunal. In the shock of losing her husband, Divya had a miscarriage resulting in the death of her child. Divya filled with rage decides to take on the Mafia Don by herself.

Two other women Angie (who is a restaurant owner) and Sim (who is a professional killer) joined her on that venture. Destroying the life of Parshuram and his possessions is the ultimate of the trio. They head to the town where he rules, Goa. But the problem in the adventure was that nobody had ever seen him. On her journey, Divya met Rohan, who was a local singer and also a good friend of Angie. But unknown to the fact that Rohan was the guy who killed her husband, she starts falling in love with him.

Rohan shared the same feelings for her totally unaware that she was the girl who was adamant to destroy his life and business. Summing it up, the Show had an interesting story. The plot of the story was very refreshing and how the truth unfolds was a treat to watch. How they realize the truth of each other and how it brings changes in their feelings was the story of the Show.