Hindi Tv Show Good Times India My First Vote

Good Times India My First Vote Hindi tv-shows on YouTube Channel

This TV show is about a girl who is about to vote for the first time. In this show, Ayesha Sharma Ayesha Sharma is an actor who works in the Indian >> Read More... Ayesha Sharma plays the lead role and she has finally got the opportunity to cast her first ever vote. Just like every other concerned citizen in India, she wanted to vote to make her vote count and to make a difference. As India is getting ready and set for the General Elections that are going to be held soon, Ayesha is in a dilemma. She has to choose between six political parties and doesn’t know which party to vote for. As a first time voter, she is confused and nervous to make a choice. It is not an easy decision because she needs to know about all the six parties before she casts her valuable vote. She has it in mind that every vote is valuable and every vote counts.

So, she does not want to waste her first vote. Her main goal, before she takes this leap, is to know about all the parties that are involved, before she votes for any them. Just like every other youngster, Ayesha is very determined about her vote and feels very responsible for her country.. She has already learned a lot about these parties from travelling to different places. She has loved travelling for a long time. She has travelled again to gain adequate information about the political parties, the promises they have made, their past, their education, etc.

Apart from getting information about the parties, she wants to know about politics in general. She has made a lot of effort and learned a many new things to be able to know which party and why she should be voting for that party.. She has gone so far for her first vote because as an individual she believes that India deserves to be a much better place and everyone should live a prosperous life. As she was contemplating in between these six most popular parties of the country, she has met and interacted with a lot of young professionals and people with strong political judgements.. Let’s find out if she is able to make up her mind.