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Genext  Hindi TV SHOWS on Zoom

“GeNext- the future of Bollywood” is a sensational show on Zoom channel which focuses on the next generation of superstars. This programme showcases and celebrates the most popular entrants in the Bollywood film industry. The celebrities open up and candidly talk about their personal and professional life experiences. This show features one star per episode and unravels various aspects of the superstar’s life in a scrapbook format.The scrapbook format of the show makes things quite interesting as it flips pages and takes the audiences through every page of their adored star’s life.

Also, to make spice things up, tit-bits of the star’s life are revealed by people who are closest to these young fresh faces of the Bollywood industry. Right from their first ever dialog to their first crush, from their school day memories to their acts of mischief, from the delicacies they relish to the songs that make them groove, this show is every Bollywood buff’s delight. Be it the chocolate boy of Bollywood Varun Dhawan or the bubbly and sweet Alia Bhatt, GeNext gets these favourite Bollywood fresh faces to open their box of secrets.

The half an hour show is set to spice up the room with young celebrities talking about their highs and lows in life. The design of the show enables the audience to connect with their favorite star and to get to know them better. Not only does it reveal secrets from the young star’s life but also shows the evolution of a superstar. These new entrants of Bollywood also shed light on their struggle period in the industry and how they have battled failure in order to emerge as a successful face in the entertainment industry. Along with the family members of these star’s,

GeNext also speaks to their co-stars, directors, producers and peers to get a better understanding of the star’s life. From childhood pictures to the celebrity’s favourite food, the show covers every aspect of their guest’s life. To take things a notch higher, the show also shows glimpses of what the fans have to say about their favorite fresh face in Bollywood. With guests like Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur, AyushmannKhurana and YamiGautam, the show has enabled the audience to get to know these stars in a better manner, and the design is set to enthrall every movie buff.