Hindi Tv Show Gali Irshad Bhai

Gali Irshaad Bhai Hindi tv-shows on Mahuaa

The serial 'Gali Irshad Bhai' begins with a quirky song. A man with a 'dholakh' enters the narrow street, and several other people follow him. He sings a song in appreciation of Irshad Bhai. In this narrow pathway, one can see people from various walks of life. There is a woman in an orange suit who steps out from behind a closed door. She swiftly dances around. In the background, there is a tea-seller; a tailor, and several vendors. One can also see several small shops on the side which include a suit shop. There are women in sarees and men in dhotis dancing around. The atmosphere is lively and fun. A balloon seller also joins the commotion. A mechanic enjoys the tunes while doing his work. Other people behold the sight from the comforts of their shops. The main singer continuously leads the party.

There is not a single sad face around, which stands as a testimony to the cheerfulness of this street. All of them live together in harmony, without any negativity. There are several fun characters in the show. Each of them has a distinct style and crazy sense of humor! A man consistently speaks shaiyaari (poetry verses). He tries to woo the woman working at the tea stall. He is always on the lookout of grabbing free snacks! In one episode, he looks at the tea seller and his wife, and comes up with a quirky poetry. 'I hope that God never gives you two separation; and you never receive loneliness; if you don't offer me loads of sweets; then I hope it happens that on a cold night, you are unable to find a quilt’. The people around begin laughing.

In another episode, the woman reverts with a powerful verse. 'Take care of the wind's directions; remember me in times of difficulty; in those times, you will surely be able to smell the fragrance of my friendship; just keep your nose clean’. The crowd again bursts into laughter! One of the members of the street decides to stand in elections. The crowd earnestly debate about him. They try to figure out whether he will become a good politician. Their discussion is full of humour and punch lines. Another fragment of the show commenced with a qawwali. A man sang, while two others played instruments. This show aired on Mahua TV. It came with a hope of bringing a smile to the faces of its viewers. It is a light-hearted comedy show with a slightly unconventional script.