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Hindi Tv Show Full House

Full House Hindi tv-shows on ZEE TV

Full House is a comedy tv serial. It was very popular in its time. Everyone praised about the healthy, entertaining and enthralling family comedy. People still crave to watch this serial which used to be telecasted on Zee English channel in the year 2002. The characters of the serial are Danny Tennor played by Bob Saget Bob Saget is a well-known American director, telev >> Read More... , Donna Joan Tennor, Stephanie Tennor (eldest child), Michelle Tennor (younger child/sibling), Jessie Cudsopeles and Joseph Gladstone.

The story deals with the Tennor family. Danny Tennor has three cute little girls. His wife lost her life after Michelle’s birth. So he got two people to his house for looking after his children and help him. One among them was Pam’s brother or the kid’s uncle, Joseph Gladstone. The story is all about how these two people raise the kids, how they face different situations, how they deal with the children and their frequently asked questions, and how a problem is solved by the family. Danny works as a host on a talk show. Previously, he hosted a sports channel and then hosted a show named Wake up San Francisco. He is a loveable dad and loved spending most of the time with his children. Jessie is a great fan of Elvis.

He is obsessed with his hair. He loves going to Smash club as he is a huge fan of motor racing. He has a band of his own and plays the guitar. He gets completely transformed when he comes to Danny’s place. He then starts his radio show with Joey where he falls in love with his co-star, Rebecca Donaldson. Later, he becomes a father of twins Alex and Niki. Then, he starts an advertisement agency with Joey. Joey is a comedian. He behaves like a kid sometimes, though, being thirty plus. He loves to eat sweets and watch the cartoons. He wears paired dress and has a large sense of humour. His room is filled with toys and wears two watches.

According to his personality, he dreams to become a great comedian in future. The three girls are school going children and are interested in toys, clothes, movies and cute boys. The comedy show can be watched with the family on every weekend at 11 am, 6 pm and 11 pm in the channel, Zee English. The serial is designed in a way that everyone from different age group would love the concept and picture motions. Few of the issues makes so much of sense even though it is presented in a funny manner.