Hindi Tv Show Foodistan

Foodistan Hindi TV SHOWS on NDTV India

Foodistan was a cooking show aired on NDTV good times. The show had one of its kind concepts- it constituted of 16 chefs from India and Pakistan who battled it out in the kitchen arena. The Chefs belonged to an elite group of hotels. They weren’t an average collection of chefs; all the chefs had a lot of experience. The show aired about 26 episodes. Elimination of chefs also took place in some of the episodes. In the end, only two chefs were to compete, one from Pakistan and the other from India.

The two countries, India and Pakistan, have somewhat same cuisines, but the Chefs from the two countries proved this wrong in the battle of culinary skills and brought out a different side to the cuisines of the two nations. The show isn’t like those traditional cooking shows; rather it adds a different and exciting twirl to the cooking show world. Foodistan had a fantastic panel of judges. Vir Sanghvi (an eminent food critic), Sonia Jehan (a Bollywood actress of Pakistani descent), and the very well known British chef Marilee’s Parker were the judges, along with some guest judges along the way. The show as hosted by the gorgeous Ira Dubey and the Dashing Aly Khan. The show gained enormous success and popularity and quickly became a preferred show amongst homemakers.

Manish Mehrotra from India and Poppy Agha from Pakistan were the finalists: Manish Mehrotra won the title of Foodistan. The show, although featured the two nations that are known to be rivals but the show had a very soothing vibe. Of course, this is not to be confused with no drama in the show at all; the show, in fact, is very fun to watch. The Indian chefs that were on the show are- Madhumita Mohanty, Monika Rajput, Nimish Bhatia, Mehraj Ul Haque, Sunil Chauhan, Karan Suri, Girish Krishnan, and Manish Mehrotra.

The Pakistani chefs that were on the show are- Poppy Agha, Akhtar Rehman, Mohammad Naeem, Amir Iqbal, Noor Khan, Muhammad Ikram, Mehmood Akhtar, Muhammad Saqib. In the nutshell, all the drama, the flavours and the rush made it a very exciting show. There is nothing to critique about the show. Along with good anchors, the show also had excellent judges that gave their honest opinions about each and every dish presented to them by the contesting chefs. It is a must watch!