Hindi Tv Show Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega 2

Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, a reality show which was broadcast by ‘Sony Entertainment Television’ and created by ‘Wizcraft’, came back with its second season and the name changed to ‘Entertainment Ke Liye Aur Bhi Kuch Karega’. Vishal Malhotra and Mona Singh were once again seen as the anchors\hosts while Farah Khan and Anu Malik as the judges, redeeming the show with their charm and humor. The show took place in the late months of 2009 and continued till mid of 2010. It saw success as the previous season and had a lot in store for us once again. The show had the concept where the participants flaunted their exclusive talent to impress judges as well as the audience. Each participant had to perform for more than a minute before being voted out by either of them.

Those who carried off their performance for the entire time limit, which is 60 seconds, won the cash prize of 11,111. The judges had the power to give their vote to a disqualified contestant another chance to showcase their talent with improvisation. The show had a weekly finale where two participants were selected out of episode’s winner of the same week and performed on Friday. The finale winner of every week got the bigger winning cash prize of 50,000. The show started off by inviting one of the major guests of the season, Salman Khan. Other guests who visited the show were Himesh Reshammiya who was fun-loving and very appreciating. Diya Mirza, Aftab Shivdasani, and Dino Morea also appeared in the same season. They encouraged all the participants and also promoted their movie, Acid Factory.

‘Entertainment Ke Liye Aur Bhi Kuch Karega’ had some immensely talented people on its stage: Vipul Bhatti a Yogi, showed some graceful and mind-blowing postures of yoga with his flexible and rubber-like body. He also won the weekly finale. Rajendra Jain was a magician and had a unique talent where he could soak his hands in boiling oil without getting his hands burnt or even the slightest of burning mark. Bombay Beatz was another group of performers, who could produce different musical sounds from their mouth and showed a wholesome, entertaining performance. It had one lead singer and dancer who was dancing and singing on the beats created by his fellow members. Vikalp Mehta was a fantastic mimicry artist who imitated Akshay Kumar by speaking in the same voice and copying the same body language as him. The show took off after a captivating and fascinating season which was loved and supported by all the viewers of the show.