Hindi Tv Show Emotional Atyachaar Season 2

Emotional Atyachar Season 2 Hindi tv-shows on UTV BINDASS



Emotional Atyachaar is a TV show that runs on the channel Bindass. The subject of the program can be related to the real- life stories of couples. The concept of the show is borrowed from a US series named as “Cheaters”. UTV Television has produced the show. The creative director and writer of this show are Roshni Ghosh. The Creative Director of the series is Shifa and Executive Producer Piyush Bhatia. This program has been in the limelight due to the issues projected in the show. The show has given a medium for boyfriends and girlfriends who have been in a relationship but doubt their partner’s credibility.

Through this series, the couples could get an opportunity to spy on their partners and find out if their partners are loyal to them or not. The couples that want to investigate about their partners, approach this show and the crew members help them to get their job done. The squad colleagues take the details from the client, and they spy on him or her. The members of the crew try and get intimate with the target and make a recording or capture them while they get involved with the person. This show is when their partner enters the scene and catches him or her red handed. The show has in total five sequels. Angad Bedi hosted the first season, and Pravesh hosted the rest of them. Though the show has been running on the channel Bindass from a lot of time, there is a lot of controversies attached to it.

Public Interest Litigation was filed against the same by an NGO referred as Indraprastha people. The President of the NGO, Mr. Sanjay Tiwari had filed the PIL. The reason behind this is, the show is spreading vulgarity and obscenity all over the nation. The content of the show deteriorates the moral and social values of the society. The Law Commission of India in one of its report stated that a lot of television serials have been portraying explicit content involving the private life of either of the spouse. The commission in its paper has detailed that this kind of shows includes capturing peoples’ bedroom lives.

The report intended that they are intruding in their private sphere of life. The report further stated that this kind of visuals or stories do not serve any public interest and are not beneficial for the public in any manner. In conclusion, the Commission stated that these kinds of shows violate “Right to Privacy” and hinder the development of the society.