Hindi Tv Show Drishti Documentaries On EPIC

Drishti Documentaries On EPIC Hindi TV SHOWS on Epic Channel

In the world of Indian television where daily soaps of family drama,romance and adventures filled our screens,there was a distinctive show launched on June 6th 2016 in Epic channel.Breaking the stereotypical drama shows a show was launched that actually believed in factual and real life events.

The show Drishti-Documentaries on Epic was a show that presented us with various real life documentaries directed by eminent awarding winning directors.The unique tv show ‘Drishti’ that was aired on 6th June 2016 was hosted by Tillotamma Shome who portrayed her excellence in Anup Singh’s “ Qissa” and played the role of “Alice” in the movie “ Monsoon Wedding”.With her excellent hosting the show got a distinct identity. The show featured documentaries that aimed at exploring the diversities,culture,traditions and various societies of India.It aimed at showing a contrast of the society during the medieval and olden ages and of the present scenario.

The show was able to touch the hearts of all the audience ranging from national to International ones.The documentaries provided an insight about the art of living during the olden times and showed the various improvements and developments that have been made till date.

The documentaries featured involved realistic data that were collected effectively and presented to the viewers. The show featured various landscapes,heroes that were unrecognized for certain reasons.This show provided recognition and heritage to those heroes.The show further featured a deep insight to the traditions,cultures and social well beings of various ancient as well as modern societies. The show featured various eminent and appreciated films that were highly praised by the audience.The plot is unique in various features.It was for the first time in Indian television that a documentary series was featured in Hindi and it was narrated by the author Tillotama Shome in a distinctive tone who first presented the available well-rehearsed and researched context to the viewers and later on the documentaries were showcasted.

The show was aired on June 6th and it was a one hour show that was presented to the audiences from Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Epic channel.The show was a documentary based show and it focused on various cultures and traditions of India and provided a brief comparison of various ages.

The show was highly appreciated by all its audience and was one of the most leading documentary shows in Indian Television history.The show was ceased after a number of episodes but the episodes are still available on the internet for download.