Hindi Tv Show Dont Worry Chachu

Dont Worry Chachu Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Don’t Worry Chachu is a situation comedy show on SAB TV. Vipul D.Shah is the writer and producer of the show a. The story of the show revolves around Chintan Desai whose character was played by the renowned actor Aashif Sheikh, who lives in a joint family in Mumbai. The characters of his family are always happy and are living the life with an open heart.

As Chintan has lots of concern about his loved ones, to give them a hassle-free life is his ambition. On the other side, his wife Bhavana whose character is portrayed by Sugandha Mishra is different from Chachu who is a carefree woman. She has a song for every situation and always tries to make Chachu laugh and tries to help him to solve the odd crucial situations. The show focused on how the entire family gets caught in hilarious situations due to Chintan Desai’s over concerned nature.  Chintan’s Father is the head of family so every member has to obey his orders and sometimes those orders also are the seeds of the lots of hilarious situations. Anang Desai as a father and Deepti Devi as Ayushi have done full justice to their roles. The show is all about spending such a great time with the family on the couch of magical comedy.