Hindi Tv Show Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale

Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale Hindi Tv shows on Zee tv

Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale is a freestyle dancing competition which aired on Zee TV in 2014. It was on air on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00 PM. The concept of the show was quite different from the traditional dance shows. This show wasn’t looking for technically adept dancers. Nor was it testing how many different forms of dance one can perform. The objective was simple. The dancers needed to entertain the audience. There were absolutely no constraints placed on the type of dance a participant wanted to perform on. Nor on the kind of music they wanted to play and were comfortable with.

The objective was to entertain everyone watching and make them become a part of the happiness bubbling inside you. Dil Se Naachein Indiawale is a one of a kind concept which aimed at finding the happy dancer inside all of us. The winner shall be the one who can make most of the people smile and spread happiness. It was not about the technical prowess but about the energy one brings with them to the dance floor. Move like you want to, jive like you want to. Everyone was free to do as their heart pleased. Any kind of freestyle dance worked for the judges. It should be without inhibition and with maximum fervour. The contestants were free to let their feet loose and shake a leg with the same ferocity they would show at a wedding or at a Ganesh Visarjan.

The show was the ultimate epitome of dancing from the heart and discarded any inhibitions one might have. The 'Agents of Happiness' are the judges of this unique show. The panel comprises of the superstars Shah Rukh Khan, junior B, Abhishek Bachchan, the beautiful Deepika Padukone, the queen of dance Farah Khan, the ever entertaining Boman Irani, the powerhouse Sonu Sood, and the new kid on the block Vivaan Shah. They judged the shortlisted participants on their energy levels and the life they showed. The final group of the participants consisted of a group of non-conventional dancers.

These included Nurse Nora John, who worked in the very same hospital where Shah Rukh Khan was born many years ago. She is famous amongst her friends and family for her exuberant personality. In addition, there was a group of Dancing Housewives who all hailed from Karad. These were the particularly energetic and feisty group of women who happily hold on their own anywhere. Also, we had The Bold & Beautiful, probably the most remarkable of the lot, this was the group of eight senior citizens. This energetic bunch also belonged to a well-known laughter club in Mumbai. Lastly, we had The Ultimate Dance Group, the carefree and fantastic Priyanka, and the young and dynamic thirteen-year-old Bheem.