Hindi Tv Show Date My Folks

Date My Folks Hindi OUTTAKES on Channel V

Date My Folks belongs to the reality genre. It was a dating TV show. Channel V broadcasted it from 7 January 2011. It used to come every week on Friday and Saturday at 7 pm. The host of the show is VJ Andy. He is the most popular VJ on Channel V. The punch line for the show was ‘Pyaar, Vyaar Aur Parivaar’. It was a very different dating show than other shows like Lovenet, Date Trap, The Bachelor Season 11, and Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega. It was like an ultimate dating battle ground where you see parents and their children. In this show, parents made the rules for the couple. Andy arranged the date between the couple, but the participants had to first meet their date’s parents before meeting their date. They have to impress the parents. After that, parents decide whether they get to meet their date or not. It was like an arranged date.

The first episode of the show featured Radha Khandelwal, who wanted a slim, beautiful, and good girl for her son, Pulkit Khandelwal, who had a business of insurance and share. He was a fat guy. Radha was fond of make-up and cooking. The episode had two participants, Ambika and Sakshi Sinha. Ambika was studying B.S. She believed in living her life with freedom and great enjoyment. She was a fitness freak. Sakshi was a 23-year-old girl and was a freelancer. She loved shopping and partying, and even needed more money for spending. One of the episodes had a Gujarati father, who was finding a girl for his son. He wanted a decent and traditional girl, who would sit at home, always cover her face with a veil, and give him grandsons. His son, a hypocrite, wanted a hot girlfriend, but a decent wife, who would not even attend late night parties.

The participants were one wearing short clothes, and one wearing something like Ghagra-choli. They both were cheap minded son-father duo who told one of the girl’s mother that men have all the right to eve tease a girl if she dresses in an indecent way, i.e. if she wears shorts, minis or even jeans. One participant went overboard when he pole danced and stripped to impress his date’s mother. He was Rishi Oberoi from Chandigarh and told everyone that he is a playboy of Chandigarh. He invited her to his bedroom which was dim lighted and had rose petals on the bed. He gifted her a hamper having aphrodisiacal stuff like chocolate body paint, a leash, an animal print thong, handcuffs, etc. which was disgusting. The show was an out-of-box show. You will get entertain watching the show, but sometimes feel disgusted about some of the things show. If you like such stuff, then the show is a must watch for you.