Hindi Tv Show Darr At The Mall

Darr At The Mall Hindi tv-shows

Darr at the mall is a Hindi horror movie which aired on Sony max. The film stars Jimmy Sheirgill and Nushrat Bharucha in the leads. Pavan Kirpalani and Agrim Joshi are the writers of the movie, Abhimanyu Singh is the producer, and Pavan Kripalani is the director. The film revolves around a haunted mall which is known as ‘Amity Mall’ where Vishnu, played by Jimmy Sheirgill, takes the job of a security officer. In the inauguration party after all the guests leave, owners of the mall, Mr. Manchanda and Mr. Khan, their children along with Vishnu gets locked inside the mall. All of them struggles to stay alive, as the ghost targets each one of them. Vishnu uncovers the mystery behind the strange experiences.

He finds out that the mall is built over an orphanage. The owners could not convince the nun to sell the orphanage. So they burned the place down, killing everyone inside. Vishnu, as a child escaped the orphanage but lost his memory because of the accident. The ghost of the nun and the children kills people who were involved in that horrific act. After the ghost kills the owners, Vishnu, unveils the truth, and begs the nun to spare the rest of the people. The movie ends with Ahana and Vishnu walking out of the mall after so much struggling to save their lives.