Hindi Tv Show Dare 2 Date Season 3



They say that people go to heaven after doing good deeds in their life, and what can be a better thing than helping someone to find their true love if they are really in love. Channel [V] has always focused on the personal interest of today’s generation. Once again they came up with a unique concept in the show “Dare to Date”. The show first aired on Channel [V] in 2013. It's season 3 broadcasted in 2014. Dare to Date 3 is a fascinating show about finding two young people and inviting them to date each other. No wonder why this show has gained so much popularity due to its past two seasons.

The youth loves the show not only because of its concept but also because of its famous host, who is none other than VJ Andy. Andy has gained fame mainly after being a part of Bigg Boss 7. He was in many controversies then but at the end, he came out to be clean and the most entertaining contestant. Andy has been a great anchor and a host before. People love his style and his startling sense of humor. It was also a comeback for Andy. While coming back, he promised his audience that he would try his clever and more edgy ideas to make the show more spellbinding.

Of course, this person is full of emotions, how he tries to make two people fall in love. In this show, Andy acts as both angel and a devil for two love birds. According to the show’s concept, two people with total opposite images of their soul mates in their minds are targeted first. Then they are sent to a romantic date by the show. There they spend some quality time and get to know each other. They realize how they are so different from their thoughts and how perfect they are in their different way.

Later, they are sent to a “not-so-romantic dinner”. It’s called so because the host of the show, Andy starts acting not only their Cupid but also their Devil. Though most of the time Andy supports them, on the other hand, he need entertain the audience too. He keeps giving his dos and don’ts dating tips to the viewers which are actually very funny. In the end, he asks them if they dare to date each other again which is a big NO most of the times