Hindi Tv Show Dare 2 Date

Dare 2 Date Hindi Tv shows on Channel v

Date to Date is a dating reality show that airs on Channel V. The show is hosted by VJ Andy who plays both the “Devil’ and the “Cupid” on the show. The format of the show is such that VJ Andy brings two absolutely random people together who are the diametrically opposites of each other’s idea of a perfect match. The show starts with introducing each of these people individually, starting from their family background, education, job (if any), personalities and their idea of a perfect date.

Then these two poles-apart absolute strangers are set up to meet each other or as it is called “date” each other. They are sent to beautiful locations, exotic weekend outings and meetings or dates organised by VJ Andy so that the two people can get a better understanding of each other’s life and explore each other’s personalities. The two people are also allowed to plan surprises or gifts for each other if they wish to impress their partners. VJ Andy waits for the sparks to happen between the two and asks them for their experiences and progress reports individually after each date.

He also sneaks in between sometimes with his quirky style of humour to spice up the show. And by the end of it all, after a few dating sessions, it all comes down to the question that would either of the two like to date the other person again outside of the show. Their answer decides the fate of the couple. But whatever be the fate of the couple, either ways, the show is an out an out hit amongst the youth worldwide. The show actually projects the quirky and crazy side of falling in love, dating and relationships.

It focuses on the fun and excitement part of dating and the partners trying to impress each other. And as if the crazy, fun, new generation of daters that appear on the show weren’t enough for the laughter riot, VJ Andy, with his wacky sense of humour and one-of-a-kind style of hosting, adds another flavour to the show, sometimes even raising a few eyebrows by his comments! The show is so popular amongst the youth that it has already completed three successful seasons. Channel V’s Business Head Mr. Ajit Thakur said that the team had to bring back the show due to popular demand and one of the reasons for the popularity is undoubtedly its host, VJ Andy.