Hindi Tv Show Dance India Dance Season 1

Dance India Dance Hindi Tv shows on Zee tv

Dance India Dance Season 1 is a dance contest which gets aired on Zee TV. The show sees contestants coming in from all parts of the country and is a freestyle dance show. The show premiered on Indian televisions on 30th January 2009. It got developed from the regional version of the show Dance Bangla Dance, that aired on Zee Bangla and had the superstar Mithun Chakraborty serving as the Grandmaster in the show. The dancers who compete on the show have the freedom to choose the format in which they wish to perform. Post the qualifying rounds; all the contestants get a round of training from choreographers who perform professionally in Bollywood. After the completion of this training, they go on to compete against one another.

A variety of dance forms including hip-hop, acrobatics, shadow dancing, and much more got shown to the participants during their training. Dance India Dance Season 1 sees Tarana Raja as the host of the show. Auditions got conducted across a number of metro cities in India. The format allowed all aspirants in the age group of fifteen to twenty-five to register and try their hand at the auditions. Applicants got judged on the uniqueness they brought to the show and the talent they displayed. In case they got selected, they were then asked to perform various styles to showcase their adaptability towards the different styles which the program will showcase in that season. This round of auditions is a much more grueling test of the participants’ focus and energy. It encourages them to go beyond the obvious and to test their comfort zones.

This round also sees how much they can progress and if they can improve their performance on given time.When the stage concludes, the best eighteen dancers get shortlisted to go to the main phase of the competition. These eighteen finalists then perform on stage and in front of the studio audience. They have to impress the judges of the show as well as the viewers watching from home. All the participants need to perform in various formats like group dance, solo, and duet numbers. All of these will also test their mastery over different styles which they had received training.

The competition moves ahead as a combination of the votes cast by the audience members who watch from their homes, as well as in conjunction with the judges’ inputs and scores. This continues on a weekly basis to determine which participants move on and which one gets eliminated.