Hindi Tv Show Criminal

Criminal Hindi Tv shows on Ibn7

The news show has been running successfully for over five years now. It one of the shows that have been included in the list of evening Prime Time shows of the renowned channel IBN7. The show has gained a fair share of popularity due to the way of the presentation of the news in the show. It is hosted by the famous news reporter and journalist Mr. Atul Agrawal. It has been followed by many and has always aimed at capturing, even more, theshare of the audience so that the people are well aware of the society they live in. It is a late night show and appears on the television screens at 10pm every night.

The show starts with a strong and dramatic music of the police’s siren. The logic behind the music is that the citizens must be well aware of their surroundings. The same is followed by the headlines of the news that would be discussed further in the show. Each news that has to be told to the audience dramatically. The show “CRIMINAL”, as the name suggests, concentrates only on the events of CRIME happening in the society. It doesn’t touch news from genres other than crime.

Each news, that is shown, is scrutinized well before it is delivered to the audience by the show. The anchor, Atul Agrawal should be given a major credit of the show’s success as his hosting, and narrating skills are all that makes the news interesting and compels the viewers to stick to their TV sets. The news is presented in the best fashion possible.

Each news is accompanied by the evidence that proves the accuracy; th evidences may include pictures from the happening or post happening, letters, any objects related to the case, the place where it occurred and even the statements from the victim, criminal, police or anyone related to the case.

The show has been an eye opener for many across the country and has always warned its audience to be cautious of such events. It has three segments and covers around 6 to 7 news from across the country in the limited time of half-an-hour. It was facilitated with an award in the category of ‘The Best Crime Show’ in the year 2012. The hard work of the team behind the show is worth an award.