Hindi Tv Show Crime Patrol Season 2

“Crime Patrol” is a crime based reality television series and an anthology series based on the real-life crime cases that have occurred in India. The motto of the series is “Crime never pays.” It premiered on 9th May 2003, and is the longest running crime reality television series in India. It completed in 2015 after having aired for twelve continuous years.

Mumbai was the main location of the show. The show was the first reality series in India where the camera crew traveled with the law enforcement authorities to record the crime live on the cameras. The series also uses dramatization of the real-life cases to portray the severity of the crimes. Anup Soni is the host of the show and he takes the viewers through the crimes while narrating the cases – like harassments, kidnappings, and murders – and thereafter suggests some precautionary measures to ensure safety and to avert crimes.

The series offers truthful information to the audience to make them aware of the crimes that occur in the country, and how to prevent them. The show did not only focus on spreading awareness of the crimes, but it also found ways to assist the victims who suffered and whose stories were inspired by the show.

There is a different cast for each episode for the dramatization of the cases while sometimes the actors reappear in some episodes. The second series of the show was brought about due to the popularity of the first season. The show is hosted by Anup Soni and Sakshi Tanwar, well-known Indian television actors. Juhi Chawla is also known to have co-hosted the show in this season.