Hindi Tv Show Cook It Up With Tarla Dalal

Cook It Up With Tarla Dalal Hindi Tv shows on Sony entertainment


Cook it Up with Tarla Dalal is a cookery show telecast on Sony TV. It features the renowned household name, Tarla Dalal. It ran over a period of three years and gained phenomenal success. She is famous all over India for her simple, yet tasty recipes. The show is co-hosted by Sudhanshu Pandey, an actor and a model, who used to assist Mrs. Tarla Dalal in the kitchen. Their friendship and small jokes lent the show a delighting appeal. Their pairing made it a light-hearted affair. The tone enabled regular viewers who are beginners at cooking to enjoy the programme. A lot of the recipes are original vegetarian versions of other international gourmet foods.

Mrs. Tarla Dalal was born in Pune but resided in Mumbai since her marriage. She started giving cookery classes in the year 1966 from her home. These lessons became a grand success, and many vied to join them. Sometimes waiting for months to get a chance. It was due to her mastery at teaching simple household recipes which you could make every day with ease. Post the success of her classes; she also wrote her cookbooks. The books helped her expand her reach and become a national name in the field of cooking. Her cookbooks are available in various Indian and even foreign languages, including Dutch and Russian. Her books covered a good range of topics including nutrition and health. She also touched upon Indian and international cuisines; such was the range of her talents and capabilities. Traditional and innovative, all kinds of recipes were available in her books. Her range of cookbooks, as well as the line of health books written by her, have been able to sell more than 6 million issues.

As her fame grew, she went on to doing her own cookery shows as well. These shows enabled her to reach to a larger audience set and to interact with more people. These enabled her to reach people not just in India but globally in countries such as Jakarta, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Zurich, London and New York. The Indian Merchant Chamber conferred upon her the title of 'Woman of the Year' in 2005. She was also awarded the Padmashree Award in the year 2007, for her overwhelming contribution to the art of cooking. She thus became the first Indian ever to receive an award in this category.

She, unfortunately, expired in 2013 due to a heart attack at the age of 77 years. The show was revived after she passed away, as a tribute to her. It aired on the SonyLIV.com video on demand service.