Hindi Tv Show Connected Hum Tum

Connected Hum Tum Hindi Tv shows on Zee tv

Connected Hum Tum’ is a reality show telecast on Zee TV on June 3, 2013, at night 10 pm. It was an open page story of six ordinary women who shot their own videos and shared them with the public on a national television channel. It was a woman-centric show that caught the life of women who struggle like a spider in a web but try to reach their destination.

The episodes were telecast from June 3 to August 30, 2013. It had a total of 64 episodes. The show was presented by actor Abhay Singh Deol who had acted in movies like ’Dev D’. The episodes were telecast in Hindi and English languages. The six-woman participants of the show were Preeti Kochar (a dentist), Pallavi Barman (brand manager at Diesel, Mumbai), Mahima Chaudhary (struggling actress), Malishka Mendonca (Red FM Channel RJ), Sonal Giani (an LGBT activist and theater producer) and Madhavi Mauskar (a corporate trainer).

In every episode, they shared their life with their spouses, children, mother, and father, etc. For instance, Madhavi is a two-time divorcee, but yet she wants to maintain a relationship with her ex-husband and even want to become a grandmother the second time. Or for instance, an episode narrated the real struggle of a woman (Pallavi Burman) trying to make her husband happy at any cost. Mahima Chaudhury was a struggling woman in Mumbai who wanted to shine in glamor world, but she could not make it. Her family wanted her to come back home and get married.

Will she return home and get married? Similarly, will parents of Sonia’s lover will accept her and allow her to the bond of marriage. Another woman Malishka wants to sacrifice her career as a jockey and would want to find a suitable life partner but can she sacrifice her career for want of marriage? Thus, every woman had a fresh tale of their life to tell to the public on a television channel.