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Bheem is a comedy-adventure animated series. It started on Pogo TV in 2008. The series is created by Dr. Rajiv Chilaka and Dr. Samir Jain. Nidhi Anand, Arun Shendurnikar, and Raj Viswanadha are the most important among the writers of the stories of the series. The show revolves around Bheem and his friends, and their adventures in Dholakpur, a fictional kingdom which is shown somewhere in rural India. They normally protect King Indravarma of Dholakpur from evil forces to save the kingdom. Sometimes, they help other kingdoms also. This series is one of the most popular ones among children of India.

The show is based on a nine-year-old boy; Bheem also referred to as Chhota Bheem due to his age. He is intelligent, strong, and brave. He has an enemy, and rival Kalia who along with his two sidekicks, twin brothers Bholu and Dholu always plan to defeat and embarrass Bheem but always fail. In earlier episodes, the main topic was the rivalry between Kalia & Bheem and his friends, Jaggu, Raju, and Chutki, but now this matter is not considered that much important. But still, Kalia always tries to prove him more superior. The show consists of Bheem and his team solving several problems which are affecting village, unfolding mysteries, fighting from the evils that seek to harm the kingdom of Dholakpur or its people, and their ways that often land them in trouble.

The supernatural theme is also shown in many episodes like when demon Kirmada attacks Dholakpur, evil witch or giants; Bheem with his friends getting affected by curses and dark magic, etc. All the common Indian festivals are featured in the show, and Bheem & his friends also keep on taking participation in different competitions, not only of Dholakpur but also adjoining kingdoms. There are many characters in the show. Let us see some of the major characters. Starting with Chhota Bheem, he is an adventurous boy who has an extraordinary strength which becomes a boon for his kingdom as they are constantly targeted by all kinds of perils. Mostly all the people of Dholakpur look up to him for the solution of their problems, be it drought problems or attack by some animal or even disappearance of someone. He is a little guardian of everyone. He has a very big heart and helps all who are needy, wronged, or poor. He is seen defeating enemies who attack his village or neighboring villages.

Bheem is a fit boy, good at most of the sports, and very intelligent. He loves food especially laddoos which gave him energy and make him stronger. Chutki is a seven-year-old cute girl. She is the closest friend of Bheem and helps him in his adventures. She met Raju, Bheem, and Jaggu when Bheem saved her from a raging bull. She is a very responsible girl and take cares of all household chores. She is gentle towards everyone, but can be tough too according to the situation. She is the most intelligent one among the group. She is very good at chess and won laurels for the village in the game. It is shown that she has a soft corner for Bheem as she gets angry whenever he talks with some girl. In some episodes, she is even shown to be good at martial arts. She always has her hair tied into two plaits, and normally wears a pink two-piece dress. Raju is a four-year-old boy who is courageous and cute. He considers Bheem as his role model. He is very good in archery and even won ‘Arjuna Cup’. His father is the Senapati of the King’s army.

Jaggu is a monkey who talks. He loves to play tricks on Kalia, Bholu, and Dholu. He has a unique way of solving problems by his sense of humor and tricks. He always has fun with Bheem, be it helping people or exploring forests. He helps Bheem in stealing laddus whenever he is hungry. He also teaches some useful techniques to Bheem like swinging from trees. Kalia is a 10-year-old boy who is very muscular and a big time bully. He is very greedy and can do anything to become rich. He shows himself to me most courageous but runs away when a problem arises. Bholu and Dholu are followers of Kalia, and identical twins. They act arrogantly to others believing Kalia to be strong. They sometimes leave Kalia, getting bribed from Chutki and Bheem. Rajkumari Indumati is the princess of the kingdom of Dholakpur. She is nice and caring. Her father, Raja Indravarma is the king of the kingdom.

He relies mostly on Bheem whenever some crisis come. He is shown as very thoughtful. He has an enemy named King Chandravarma. He is very nice in playing hockey. Tuntun Mausi is the mother of Chutki, and she has a laddu shop whose laddoos are considered to be the tastiest. She stays angry with Bheem as he often steals laddoos from her shop. She even hits Kalia with belan sometimes. Daku Mangal Singh is a dacoit who used to terrorize people of Dholakpur, but he was caught by Bheem when Bheem went to bring some plants to cure an ill Indumati. Later, he escapes and kidnapped Indumati, but again gets caught by Bheem.