Hindi Tv Show Chef Vs Fridge

Chef Vs Fridge Hindi TV SHOWS on Zee Cafe

Chef Vs Fridge is a cooking show hosted by popular chef ‘Vicky Ratnani’ and actor ‘Gaurav Gera.’ Based on showcasing culinary skills in the kitchen with limited supply, the show aired on 25th April 2021 focusing on exciting new themes each week.

The guests are challenged by the limited supplies and ingredients in a fridge and they are supposed to make something extraordinary out of the whole ordeal. Whoever makes the best dish that is an absolute treat for the eyes wins the show.

Mouth-watering cuisines along with a mad dash of flavours and extraordinary creativity blended together in one dish are bound to make every foodie drool and take the viewers on a roller coaster of food heaven. Lastly, it is a show that is quite informative and helps us to expand our knowledge regarding experimenting with food.