Hindi Tv Show Chase The Monsoon 2

Chase The Monsoon 2 Hindi tv-shows on M TV

After the successful first edition, MTV has decided to launch the second season of Chase The Monsoon produced by CEAT. Chase the Monsoon is a web reality show, where teams of people travel and explore places and earn points for their social interactions. It is a social reality show where there are four teams of two, and they explore India during the monsoons with a limited budget. The main objective of the show to gather and appeal the audiences through the innovative show and engage with the online viewers who are also trying to undertake a similar voyage sometime in their lives. The contestants are cheered on their journey by online aspirants as take upon the journey through India.

The Contestants travel across the dry lands of Rann of Kutch to the damp territory of Cherrapunji which is also known as the monsoon capital of India. This concept of making the online viewers engage more with the contestants was tried in the first year as well and was well received by the viewers. Through this show, it was made possible to use online based content and enrich with them. The online followers followed the participants through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The more creative the support on social media, the more social currency the team would get in their budget. This show got a great response from the youth of the country. At the end, CEAT is looking for young generations to use their tyres for their bikes. This season of the show gets bigger as the participants travel for 24days in the rain and covered a distance of approximately 4500km in the toughest roads of the country.

The teams travel with a limited budget, to see beautiful rain-filled sights and scenes of the country. Due to this limited budget, each team need to think about wisely handling their expenses like fuel, food, etc. The participants can interact with the people and ask their help when needed. This journey of the participants will be recorded and documented by the production team of the show and share various photographs, videos, etc. On social media sites. The face of the show is the Rannvijay Singh. The show will engage the viewers and keep them glue continuously through the journey of the participants. The social media is the future, and the companies are trying to find the value of it. This show merges online and offline, and this method has been widely accepted by many automobile companies.