Hindi Tv Show Chartbusters

Chartbusters aired on Sony TV in the 1990s. It gained popularity for showing the trailers of the most recent films released in cinemas. These usually include song trailers as well. The songs made the show a music show as well. The internet hadn’t penetrated as it has in modern times. Hence, most people still viewed the TV to get to know about the latest movies and not Youtube. This program aired in conjunction with other shows of a similar concept like Music Mantra and Premiere. All of these shows were telecast on Sony on a regular basis.

Chartbusters garnered good reviews and gained popularity amongst the viewers. It received a lot of positive responses. The collection of songs was engrossing. Sony telecasts the trailers for all the most recent hit features. Hence, the show connected well with the youth. They also reached a new and diverse audience set which helped them to expand. The show got popularity with an engrossing collection of trailers from the latest hits. Chartbusters dealt in multiple genres including action movies, romantic movies, horror and much more.

Sony has tried to experiment with its offerings to suit the mood of the viewers. They periodically conduct reviews for overhauling the content. Sony thus ensures that their audience gets the very latest fare and in touch with prevalent trends. This strategy aims at keeping the recent audience reactions and trends in mind. They ensure that all their customers, be it new or existing, stay connected. The broadcasted content aims at maintaining the satisfaction levels of all customers. To achieve this, they have also provided different kinds of content. Most of these do not fit the run of the mill serials which run on other Hindi entertainment channels. These experiments may not always succeed as expected, but they did grab attention. Also, in most cases it did work beautifully and help Sony in engaging customers. These steps helped spike customer loyalty and retention for the channel as well.

Chartbusters too gelled well with a large part of the viewers. The show was very well received and had good ratings for a long time before discontinuing. It gave way to different kinds of programming as the audience tastes changed with time. Sony thus transformed itself from time to time keeping the audience requirements in mind. These measures helped them stay ahead of their competitors and continue to entertain audiences with a variety of shows.