Hindi Tv Show Champion Chaalbaz No 1

Champion Chaalbaaz No1 Hindi Tv shows on Sony entertainment
Champion Chaalbaaz No. 1 is an Indian reality show and the remake of the popular television show in America called Pranksters from Endemol. The show started airing on December 22, 2007 and ended on April 12, 2008 after seventeen weeks. It was broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television India every Saturday at 10:00 P.M. and directed by Sajid Khan under Miditech Pvt. Ltd. Production. The show was hosted by the Indian model and anchor, Shonal Rawat and it was previously hosted by the popular, Mona Singh. Popular comedians, Cyrus Broacha and Sajid Khan himself acted as the juries of the show.

Champion Chaalbaaz No. 1 is composed of 33 mischievous contestants who came from across India and joined this fun-filled show, played pranks and show their best to prove their talent. In this reality-based comedy show, each contestant will pull out the most daring and fearless pranks. Three contenders will play three different pranks, then three of them will pull off the combined pranks. The juries along with the live studio audience will judge their performances based on their skills and winner will be crowned as the India’s biggest Champion Chaalbaaz No. 1. The celebrity prank will also be featured every episode wherein, the team will go to the house of a celebrity to perform a prank.

Aside from the contenders picking their prank victims, the audiences also have a chance to choose any individual that they would like the prank to be played. Pranks may appear to be mean, but it is all just for a good laugh. Each episode will also eliminate two contenders and the best pranksters who will make it to the semi final and final levels will be declared as the winner. Besides the spectacular comedic acts, Champion Chaalbaaz No. 1 also showcased the joyful and playful side of the common Indian man.

Champion Chaalbaaz No. 1’s final four are Yamini Das, Shiven, Rizwan and Aditya Vikram. The four were given combined tasks and their dynamic presentations left the juries wondering whom to pick as the winner. The four sings film numbers across the street and scare people. Rizwan made an interview and the other assures that the person they interviewed will have a tough time. In the final round, they made a trick to a guy whom they find littering and then arrest him, takes him to the prison and bring him to court. In the end, the 19-year old Aditya Vikram from Mumbai won the title and the cash prize.