Hindi Tv Show Chak Dhoom Dhoom 3

Chak Dhoom Dhoom 3 Hindi tv-shows on COLORS TV

Following the grand success of the two seasons, the producers and director of the show had decided to bring up the third section on the trot to nurture the talents in the dance. It had the highest TRP rating among the other similar events in the Hindi language. It had adaptations in various other States as well. Even a toddler or infant would know about the sequence. No one could believe that the some of the dancers in the previous editions were now the choreographers of the films in the Bollywood industry. For the welfare and convenience of the new viewers, the history and format have to be discussed here for the third time. There had been no differences between the other forms of categorization as it has various levels of auditions, level wise competition, and elimination. The differences arose only at the time of Wild Card and Final.

The audience had given an opportunity to participate in the program. There had been a considerable participation of the crowd which had influenced the results of the finals and wildcard to a different level. The theme of the stopper had been that the impression with the audience had to play a role in the victory of the candidate. Impressing the judges along with winning the hearts of the people around the world has been essential to shine in the Bollywood industry where there had been professional choreographers like the Southern Indian Michael Jackson, Prabhu Deva. Season three gave various promotions as well as notifications. It had traveled all around the country and brought forth the precious but unseen talents.

It could be narrated that the producers had taken a sweat of the brow to unearth the potential of India in the dance category. The most-watched episode in the social media has been the elimination of one of the candidates of all time. The author would not like to disclose the name as the viewers had been advised to look it after on watching it. Comments poured in like that was the controversial move, the judges were too biased, and the panel was supporting a particular candidate etc. Thus, the unprecedented incident invoked provocation among the viewers as some of them confessed that they had to discontinue the watching there on. However, the entertainment and fun would always be guaranteed to the viewers.